What We Do

Tech Seven IT Services provides business process outsourcing to small and midsize businesses. We come along side your organization and act like an extension of your business to help you delivery your products and services in an extremely efficient and cost effective way. We can easily mould our team into your process or help you define a new process to ensure timely delivery with consistent quality.


Our ideal customer provides a high volume of consistent work that’s connected to a well-defined process. We are excellent at taking in large volumes of work and systematically producing quality results as well as providing timely updates to our progress.


Below are examples of work we currently deliver in bulk for our customers:

Business Process Outsourcing Services
Remote People Counting Services Marketing Financial
Pre-Installation Website Building and Maintenance Book Keeping
Phone Installation Support Video Ads Reconciliation and Auditing
Configuration and Remote Video Auditing Social Media Profile Creation Invoicing
Maintenance Google, Yahoo and Bing business Listing and Claiming Accounts Payable/Receivable

Business Process Outsourcing Services
Delivery Services
Remote System Configuration
Image Processing
Data Entry/Data Processing
Quality Assurance testing of web, mobile and software products
Website Building and Maintenance
Video Ads
Social Media Profile Creation
Google, Yahoo and Bing business Listing and Claiming
Book Keeping
Reconciliation and Auditing
Accounts Payable/Receivable

Even if you have a unique and specialized project or service we can help you systematize the delivery. Our team has the ability to learn even the most complex processes and has a proven track record that our customers continue to appreciate. We care about your success and it’s our desire to deliver each project with the highest quality. Part of our service to you is to help create systematized processes that include checks and balances in order to achieve the desired results with precise accuracy. Our team will work tirelessly until you and your clients are completely satisfied.